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  1. Pilot
  2. The Night of the Comet
  3. Friday Night Blues
  4. Family Ties
  5. Haunted
  6. The Turning Point
  7. Fool Me Once
  8. Let the Right One In
  9. Under Control
  10. Isobel
  11. Founder's Day

  13. The Return
  14. Brave New World
  15. Bad Moon Rising
  16. Memory Lane
  17. Kill Or Be Killed
  18. Plan B
  19. Masquerade
  20. Rose
  21. The Sacrifice
  22. By The Light of the Moon
  23. The Descent
  24. Daddy Issues
  25. Crying Wolf
  26. Learning to werewolf with Jules
  27. The Last Day
  28. The Sun Also Rises

  30. The Birthday
  31. The Hybrid
  32. The End of the Affair
  33. Disturbing Behavior
  34. The Reckoning
  35. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  36. Homecoming
  37. The New Deal
  38. Our Town
  39. The Ties That Bind
  40. Dangerous Liaisons
  41. Breaking the Sire Bond
  42. Heart of Darkness
  43. Do Not Go Gentle
  44. Before Sunset
  45. The Departed

  47. Growing Pains
  48. Memorial
  49. The Rager
  50. The Killer
  51. We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes
  52. My Brother's Keeper
  53. We'll Always Have Bourbon Street
  54. O Come, All Ye Faithful
  55. After School Special
  56. Into The Wild
  57. Down the Rabbit Hole
  58. Bring it On
  59. Pictures of You

  61. I Know What You Did Last Summer
  62. For Whom The Bell Tolls
  63. Monster's Ball
  64. Blood Letting
  65. The River In Reverse
  66. The Garden, and Being Released by Rebekah
  67. 500 Years of Solitude
  68. The Devil Inside
  69. Total Eclipse of the Heart
  70. No Exit
  71. While You Were Sleeping
  72. Rescue Me
  73. Resident Evil
  74. Man On Fire
  75. What Lies Beneath
  76. Home

  78. I'll Remember
  79. Welcome to Paradise
  80. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here
  81. Do You Remember the First Time
  82. Fade Into You
  83. I Alone
  84. Christmas Through Your Eyes
  85. Woke Up With A Monster
  86. Prayer For The Dying
  87. The Day I Tried To Leave
  88. Let Her Go
  89. I Could Never Live Like That
  90. I'd Leave My Happy Home For You
  91. I'll Wed You In The Golden Summertime
  92. I'm Thinking Of You All The While

  94. Vampire Hunting with Jeremy
  95. Joining the Armory
  96. I Carry Your Heart With Me
  97. Matt's Phonecall
  98. Things We Lost in the Fire
  99. Things We Lost in the Fire pt 2
  100. Moonlight on the Bayou

  102. You Decided That I Was Worth Saving
  103. BONUS: Nostalgia's a Bitch
  104. I Was Feeling Epic

  1. Mason Lockwood's Video
  2. Mason Lockwood's Journal
  3. Caroline's bracelet
  4. A doll, head and body separated

  5. Powers
  6. Human: Increased senses
  7. Human: Increased strength/speed/dexterity
  8. Werewolf transformation on the full moon
  9. Werewolf: Vampire venom bite
  10. Werewolf: Super speed
  11. Werewolf: Super strength
  12. Both: Increased healing

  13. Hybrid
  14. Super strength (more than other VD supernatural species. Increased during full moon.)
  15. Super speed/Super Dexterity
  16. Werewolf transformation at will
  17. Extra increased senses
  18. Constant vampire venom
  19. Compulsion
  20. Daywalking
  21. Feeds on blood
  22. Neigh unkillable (decapitation or heart removal only)
  23. Super enhanced healing
  24. Emotion Control
  25. Lycanthrope enhancement


  2015.12.23  08.27


NAME: Envy
AIM: JailBaitSecrtCop
TIMEZONE: Saskatchewan Time (CST or MST depending on DST)


NAME: Tyler Lockwood
JOURNAL: firstsuccess
PLAYED BY: Michael Trevino
FANDOM: The Vampire Diaries


WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH THIS CHARACTER IN GAME? I'm really looking forward to taking him from a massive dick who shirks responsibilities to a jerk with a heart of gold who steps up to the plate and stands up for others even against his friends. And the fun I can have from taking him from a human, to a werewolf, to a hybrid, back to a human, and then a werewolf again and exploring how that goes. And I'd love for him to meet some other werewolves.


IN GAME HISTORY: Tyler was born to Richard and Carol Lockwood in Huntington Beach. His parents were quite wealthy, his father a politician.

Home life wasn't easy for Tyler. His father refused to accept anything less than perfection from Tyler, and when Tyler didn't meet his father's high expectations (which was often), his father took it out on him in the form of verbal and physical abuse. The only times Tyler was happy at home was when his uncle Mason, his father's younger brother, would come to visit.

Because of his father's abuse, Tyler had a lot of anger issues. He tried to curb his aggression by playing on three varsity sports teams in high school (wrestling, basketball, and football) though it did little to help alleviate his aggression. He tried to avoid fighting in high school, as it wasn't something his father tolerated, he wasn't always successful. In high school, he turned to his friend Bonnie to talk him out of fighting, though he told none of his friends how things were at home.

He also had somewhat of a fling with Caroline, losing his virginity to her and sleeping with her now and again throughout school. He developed feelings for Caroline. He knew she didn't return them, so he never brought them up, though knowing he would never have her gave him something else to become aggressive about.

He graduated high school with fairly high grades, and was accepted to Duke. He played on the Duke football team for a couple of years. In university, the combination of no longer being a big fish in a little pond and no longer being under his father's influence helped mellow him out a little bit. He was still angry a lot of the time without explanation, but he was able to better handle it. At least until his second year at Duke, when he got into a fight with one of his teammates over a girl. He was kicked off the football team, and after the incident, his father refused to continue to pay for University unless Tyler moved back home where he could be kept under a more strict watch. Tyler has transferred to UCI for the winter semester, and has joined the UCI football team.

IN THE MEANTIME Tyler spent some time at UCI, where he graduated with a degree in kinesiology. He started dating Blossom, and other stuff happened that I've logged out in the community before.

After dreaming of his death and his subsequent transformation to a werewolf-vampire hybrid, Tyler realized he had to go to get his head on straight. He went to the Rocky mountains where he lived in seclusion for some time, learning to control his vampire instincts by preying on hikers and hunters (snatch and erase) and coming to terms with his death. Now, he is ready to return.


Tyler was drunk, though he was in good company. What his football team had thought would be an easy win had ended up a brutal loss, and he and a few of the others from the team had decided to drown their sorrows in the bottom of a pint glass. He was shooting some pool with the quarterback. At least with the way the game was going, Tyler would have at least one win tonight.

He was lining up his shot when he felt a hand on his shoulder, and he shot a look to the guy who had grabbed him. Tyler recognized him as a running back on the team, Jason, and from the look in Jason's eyes, he wasn't there to make small talk.

"Do you mind, bro?" Tyler asked, jerking his shoulder from Jason's hand.

"Yeah, actually, I do," Jason snapped. "I hear you've been fooling around with my girl."

Tyler straightened up at the words, and shot Jason a cocky smile. "Hey man, she came on to me. I was just giving her what she wanted."

Despite his words, Tyler wasn't looking for a fight. Especially not with someone on his own team. But the words were barely out of his mouth before Jason swung at him, connecting solidly with Tyler's jaw. Tyler was vaguely aware of a couple of other people in the bar letting out exclamations, but the second Jason hit him, all Tyler saw was red. He swung the pool cue, breaking it across Jason's ribs and Jason went down. Tyler was on top of him immediately, throwing punches. It took two of his teammates to drag him off of his fallen former friend, and they held him back until Tyler stopped trying to lunge at Jason.

"Let go of me," Tyler growled, shoving them off of him. He turned and stalked out of the bar, and once in the parking lot, he ran both his hands through his hair, already regretting his choice to fight back - though at the time it hadn't seemed like much of a choice. This was going to get back to the coach, he was sure, and Tyler would no doubt be kicked off the team. And if that happened, there was no way that it wasn't getting back to his father. What the hell was wrong with him?