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[24 Feb 2021|10:53pm]


So this is the Valar net. Cool. I'm Gale. Lived in the OC my whole life. I own the Peppy Pie pizza joint, so there's that. I really don't know what else to say. Uh. I live with two dogs, two cats, all rescues who are living their best life now. Am I supposed to say I like long walks on the beach, and preferably after dark? I don't know. One of my customers suggested I check out the network, so here I am. I'm really not sure what to say, or whatever. So, hi, I guess?
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[24 Feb 2021|09:12pm]


Has anyone watched that Crime Scene series on Netflix? The one about the Cecil Hotel? Watched it the other night with Eliot and Margo and it is so bloody fucking creepy! There is so much about that case that just doesn't make sense. Yes, it makes sense in the long run, but it still doesn't make sense. I still have so many questions

It absolutely makes sense that it was one of the inspirations for the Hotel season of American Horror Story.
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Log -- Lan Zhan & Andy [24 Feb 2021|04:31am]


‣  WHO: Lan Zhan || Andy
‣  WHAT: A new connection leads to an understanding
‣  WHEN: February, 24th
‣  WHERE: Coffee shop
‣  RATING | WARNINGS: Low || No warnings applicable
‣  STATUS: Complete || Log

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less
Read more... )
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Text Messages ➢ Ben Braeden [23 Feb 2021|10:22pm]


» Hey.
» Gonna be busy Sunday night?
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[23 Feb 2021|09:20pm]


I finally understand why Klaus' dream last month freaked him out so much. I mean, aside from being kidnapped and tortured, seeing so many ghosts like that would freak anyone out. Not me apparently though, but then again I'm also a ghost, in the dreams. So other ghosts don't exactly freak me out. But I can understand why it might traumatize someone else cause if I were in that situation and I wasn't a ghost, I'd definitely have been traumatized.
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[23 Feb 2021|04:50pm]


Who: Clark and Dick
What:Valentines day
When:Feb 14th
Where: Their place
Warning:None, just mushy cuteness. Maybe pg for kissing?

I'm looking at all kinds of filthy images without you. )
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[23 Feb 2021|05:34pm]


[Text to Caroline Forbes]
>> If I wanted to hire you to help me figure how to make my house fancy/romantic for a night, how much would that run me?
>> Not exactly a full-fledged event
>> But I would like to surprise Elsa in a few months
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Network: May Parker [23 Feb 2021|04:11pm]


[ mood | chipper ]

Trying to change careers is stressful, but also thrilling. I really think moving out here was for the best. I have my family and now I have a chance at a new life.

How are you all doing? Making any big changes too? BTW, my invitation to dinner is still open to anyone who wants a home-cooked meal. It gets a little lon--

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[22 Feb 2021|09:46pm]


Lucky charms? Good.

Lucky Charms on pizza...not good.
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[Group Text to Maria DeLuca and Alex Manes] [22 Feb 2021|11:20pm]


>> Is there room for me in your singles club?
>> Max and I broke up.
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[22 Feb 2021|10:43pm]


So what were the odds that both of my sisters were going to end up leaving town at the same time? I kind of expected that Katherine and Enzo might leave at some point since Enzo kept opening clubs all over the place, but I wasn't expecting Elena to get a job offer that would cause her to move too. Katherine had already moved out when she got married, but now that Elena is gone too, this house seems so big. I wouldn't dream of selling it though. Ali actually moved in, so I'm not by myself, but I'm wondering if maybe I should rent out the other two bedrooms.
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[22 Feb 2021|08:00pm]


Well, that was a bit... anti-climatic. I'm still not sure what to even make of these damn dreams. I still want to know what idiot dresses up as a devil.
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[22 Feb 2021|08:08pm]


I'm starting to see ghosts. I see them in my dreams. And now, I swear, I just saw one here in the house.
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[22 Feb 2021|08:06pm]


I haven't had any new dreams lately. Just the last one keeps repeating. I don't like it. I wish it would stop.
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[22 Feb 2021|03:51pm]


I've been trying to ignore my dreams for months, trying to keep myself awake much too long, but I guess eventually the thing I was trying to avoid would happen. I'd hoped these new dreams would not repeat all that death and destruction, and it did all happen ... differently.

But it still happened. The Sector 7 plate still fell, all those people still died.
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[22 Feb 2021|02:32pm]


Great... So Jericho is gonna get hit with radiation from a damn nuke. Which means clearing out the fallout shelter under medical center. On second thought, that shelter didn't pan out. There wouldn't of been any air. So, we had to take the critical patients, which was about 11 people, to the fallout shelter under town hall and the rest of us to a mine shaft.

... Where we're going to blow the entrance to trap us inside from the radiated rain.

Of course my dream self is crazy and heading off to his best friend's ranch because there's assholes there with a gun. So, he blows the entrance to the mine up. Dad can't be found either. This is turning crazy, on all fronts.

ALSO, BEING SHOT AT SUCKS! Guess, it's a good thing that I'm a damn good shot and took care of the idiots. Now? We need to head into the storm shelter from this damn radiation rain. Luckily, we got inside before the rain started coming down.

Supposedly, it's never safe around me. You hear that, Sheppard. NEVER safe.
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[22 Feb 2021|01:35pm]


I'm seriously considering taking a leave of absence from my work. With these dreams and everything, and Jesse getting older, I feel like work is suffering. Maybe it's time to consider a change of career.
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[21 Feb 2021|07:08pm]


Well... that dream was a bit of a doozy. Dream!Me rose from the dead, took her axe and killed three of her enemies. THEN she led her companions into victory.
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[21 Feb 2021|05:03pm]


After some creep decided to go off about the 'sexual marketplace' and how women are sixes going after tens who can only get fours in what I can only assume was an attempt to try and get me to go out with him... It's clear that men remain a mistake.
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[21 Feb 2021|06:21pm]


Filtered away from Elsa

Anyone have any great ideas on what to get your partner for a 1 year anniversary?

I've got a couple ideas rolling around in my head, but curious what people here might have for ideas :)

Thank you in advance!
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[21 Feb 2021|06:12pm]


Thank goodness Valentine's Day is over! That's definitely one of the busier holidays for baked goods and desserts around here.

Now I've got to set my sights on St. Patrick's Day, which probably be just some Irish inspired items like rye bread and random green items like shamrock shortbread cookies and maybe a Bailey's mint pie or some kind of dessert with Guinness since so many people just celebrate the day without being Irish.

Then we jump into Easter. This beginning of the year is always insane with holidays.
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[20 Feb 2021|11:43pm]


Text to Phillip Kopus )
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[20 Feb 2021|08:24pm]


I was in the store today and they have Easter stuff out already.

What's everyone's opinion on Peeps? Yay or nay?

I'm not really into it. I think it's Easter's version of candy corn.
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[text] alex jackson [20 Feb 2021|07:26pm]


So it's been some time since I actually dreamed...but I've had a set of them recently. Dream me is very angry and damaged. I'm not sure she'll ever really be okay.
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[20 Feb 2021|08:14pm]


With all the weird weather going on in other states, it's a good time to remind everyone to have a small survival kit ready.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Flashlight, batteries, candles, matches, bottled water, non-perishable food and first aid supplies would be enough.
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Network -- Lan Zhan [19 Feb 2021|06:24am]


Personal Entry )
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[19 Feb 2021|12:34am]


You know... it's pretty bad when a three year old understands the use of a service dog better than people do.

When you're out with your husband and daughter, and it's your daughter who tells someone off for trying to mess with daddy's dog. Telling them that it's not a pet. It's there to help her daddy. My little girl is definitely fierce, that's for sure.
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[16 Feb 2021|07:40pm]


Who: Iris West, ft. NPC!Joe West
What: Working through a lot of frustration
When: 16 February 2021, evening
Where: Orange County Picture News to Irvine PD
Warnings: Low
Status: Narrative | Complete

Each punch was for each lie. Each comment. Each threat.  )
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[16 Feb 2021|11:39am]


Who:Dick and Clark
What:Christmas stuff
When:Christmas and backdated to then.
Warnings:None, just some talk of circuses and memories.

He wasn't up for a big thing this year.. )
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[16 Feb 2021|09:43am]


I keep hoping that common sense will prevail but then someone uses Gorilla Glue in their hair and is then surprised at how big of a mistake it was.

I do not have the same hair care needs, however, I would imagine that nobody is keeping Gorilla Glue near their hair products. If you do, you should consider moving it.
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Frank Castle [16 Feb 2021|09:40am]


>> Have you had anymore weird dreams lately?
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[15 Feb 2021|06:32pm]


Made comfort food..for once didn't just rely on door dash so I guess that's one point in my direction for effort? A for Effort in the attempts at being a functioning human being? Cajun rice..kind of a garbage bag of things but decent all the same.

Got a minute?
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[15 Feb 2021|07:26pm]


Who: Maria DeLuca, Alex Manes, and Kyle Valenti
What: Hanging out with old friends
Where: Local dog-friendly bar/restaurant
When: Recently
Rating: PG-13 for drinking and probably swears
Status: In Progress

Typical boys )
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[15 Feb 2021|03:03pm]


[Klaus Hargreeves]
>>Are you busy tonight?
>>Do you want to maybe get dinner?
>>I just
>>Need to get out of the house.
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[15 Feb 2021|02:28pm]


My dream self continued to resist sleep. Started having hallucinations of a tattooed guy in a corn field. The field is a common theme in my dreaming dreams. Not sure what it means. Maybe I should check into the symbolism. Or maybe not. Not sure I want to know.

Anyway, Samson convinced me to take him into town. Almost wrecked the truck because I could barely keep my eyes open. We went to the Templar lodge, or whatever it's called, looking for info. Those guys were as tight lipped as they come. We got exactly nothing, and walked away with a feeling like there was definitely something there. We just didn't find it.

Back at camp, I took an ice bath to try and stay awake. Gabe found me. Somehow he has kept up the ruse of his broken arm. But he carried me to his mother's trailer. And, yeah. Ruthie and me, we got a thing going. And she totally used her influence to make me finally give in to sleep. Even though I resisted, and tried to tell her how bad it is. Not just seeing Scudder. But the corn field, the running, always running.

I never seem to stop running. I know these dreams within dreams are trying to tell me something, but I have no idea what that is. I just wake up exhausted.
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[15 Feb 2021|11:32am]


I had another dream last night. Really starting to feel like some kind of weird alt reality I'm living.

So we captured a Wraith and I tried to establish a relationship with him. Gave him the name Steve since he wouldn't tell me if he had a name. I don't even know if Wraiths use names. Anyway. We went to this planet where the scientists there were working on a blood alteration to fight off a Wraith feeding. Our doc went to help them and we used Steve as a guinea pig to test it and it seemed to work, he was unable to feed off the test subject. That guy died a little while later, but he was terminally ill so his death could have been from his illness. Except Steve died too. And by the time Carson could warn the lead scientist, half the population of these people had been inoculated, based on one test run result. So yeah, it wasn't perfected, or even close, and all those people started getting sick and dying. And their leader was like, so we lose a few, the Wraith won't mess with us. I do not understand that mindset in my dreams, and I do not understand that mindset in the real world.

Speaking of the real world, I'm running a 50% off flash sale on for flying lessons. That includes 6 lessons. Under 18 requires a parent or legal guardian signature. If you're interested come on down to [location] and ask for John.
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[14 Feb 2021|09:05pm]


Texts between Michael and Maria )
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[15 Feb 2021|12:04am]


I don’t care if Carl’s Jr. or whatever it is out here gives free senior drinks. We don’t. We offer a discount with ID. Or free coffee with purchase of a breakfast sandwich if you’re on the network. That’s it. That’s what we offer. Well that and a student discount, but that’s with ID from the campus. And no before anybody asks - one from when you were a student five years ago will not work. Current ID’s only. My cashiers check.

Speaking of my cashiers after what I dealt with today while covering the register so one of them could go on break - they’ve been given permission to respond verbally to bullying customers however they see fit. This guy in his 80’s came up and was trying to bully me into giving him a free donut with his combo since he didn’t want a drink. There’s no way we can substitute that way. Before he went stomping out he asked me if I felt good about myself refusing his simple request and refusing to help an old man out. Judging by the way he hit the door bar as he exited I don’t think he liked my question back. All I did was ask if he felt good about himself asking people to give him free things that he wasn’t entitled too.
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[13 Feb 2021|10:14pm]


Who: Liz Ortecho, Maria DeLuca & Isobel Evans
When: Backdated: Saturday, February 13th.
Where: A Restaurant
What: Galentine's Day Lunch
Rating/Warnings: Family Friendly
Status: Complete

I keep dreaming of us all being together, but then we’re so busy in real life that we hardly see each other )
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[13 Feb 2021|07:20pm]


Texts to Caroline Forbes )
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[12 Feb 2021|11:20pm]


The Gorilla Glue Challenge is apparently trending...I've now seen three patients for it...you will be sent to a hospital and have to explain to everyone why your hand or hair is glued to your head and that yes; glue actually works. Yes it will be difficult to remove..and yes you will get collective exasperated stares from all of us.

I can't believe I have to say this but your PSA: Don't gorilla glue stuff to your face/skin/head/eyes whatever.

and if you do, don't be shocked if the interns want to take pictures with you.
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[13 Feb 2021|01:33am]


It's called creative problem solving - I wanted orange juice, couldn't get the lid off the bottle so I got a wrench out of the toolbox and used that to get it open. I don't get why Hazel is looking at me like this is the first time she's ever seen me do something like this.
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[12 Feb 2021|07:38pm]


I almost wish after this last Dream that I had been able to go to Petunia's wedding here just so I could find out if he's as much of an ass as Vernon in my Dreams. James and I went to dinner with Petunia and her fiance while we were on holiday from Hogwarts and it was just a nightmare from beginning to end. The men kept trying to impress either each other or us and competing the entire time and then Petunia brought up the magic part of things and the night got even worse somehow. Vernon referred to James and I as freaks and insisting that he and Petunia were clearly superior by virtue of not being able to do 'weird things' and Petunia backed him up. I know that my sister and I there, and here, have our differences but I'd always hoped for some reason that if it came down to it she'd still be in my corner and she wasn't.

As they left the restaurant, she told me that she couldn't have a freak in her wedding party so while I'll still be welcome to attend with a date, I'll be sitting in the pews. And she wasn't sure there'd be room for me with mum and dad with all the rest of the family attending but she'd try to make it happen.

Part of me hopes that I'll be allowed to skip attending this thing in the Dreams but I'm not going to hold my breath. Maybe I'll be surprised and it'll be a nice wedding and Petunia and I will actually get along for the day and Vernon will just have been having a bad night at dinner.
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[12 Feb 2021|06:50pm]


Is it really that hard for grown men to execute a contract for a job that they bid on without me having to constantly be on site making them work? We're months past when I wanted to open and they still haven't corrected half of what the inspector said had to be redone before I'd be allowed to open. I might not have been the height of maturity myself when I screamed at the foreman today but I've had it with the excuses and delays.

I hired skilled contractors and electricians, I made sure of that. But I'm starting to think that I need someone to actually be on the sites making them do the jobs right if they're ever going to be finished and I just don't have the time to do it myself right now. Anyone on here good at lighting a fire under crews asses and looking for a job?
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[12 Feb 2021|09:32am]


So Barry, something you want to tell me?

“I lied to you/kept this major thing from you to protect you” will always be an insulting excuse and not based in actuality. Especially if the person being lied to is still pulled into the middle of the danger or whatever it is they’re supposedly being protected from.
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Teddy Altman [12 Feb 2021|08:49am]


Three new messages )
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[12 Feb 2021|08:45am]


Woke up this morning to find that my dream!camera was on the bedside table with a film in it that's not been developed yet.

Bets on the photos being of masked vigilantes?

Also there's a new Robin in my dreams.
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[12 Feb 2021|08:38am]


So. Aliens. I mean I'm not surprised that aliens happened in my dreams considering I'd dreamed about their arrival before but they kidnapped someone very important to me so I had to go rescue him with a bunch of other teenage heroes, including one who looked an awful lot like me, just blond.

I have a dream twin. Which kind of makes sense? I have a twin here too, I've just never met him.
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[12 Feb 2021|12:50am]


Anyone available to come try and keep Cheshire busy for a few hours tomorrow while I finish up this stencil and cake for a client? I've been trying to transfer the impression he let me make to my stencil all day and he keeps bumping me and messing it up.

I could make him another bribe for his behavior like he wants but we had a deal - one fish pie and he'd let me make a stencil of his pawprint. The stencil isn't made yet so no new bribes for him to behave.
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Jim [11 Feb 2021|05:34pm]


Want to come investigate this with me?
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