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[23 Sep 2019|12:17pm]


WHO: Napoleon Solo & MJ Watson
WHERE: Theatre somewhere
WHEN: {backdated} Late August
WHAT: Napoleon and MJ run into each other at a show.
STATUS: Complete

Perhaps we will run into each other again. This is a small world. )
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[23 Sep 2019|12:07pm]


WHO: Paine & Billy Kaplan
WHERE: Paine's home
WHEN: {backdated} August
WHAT: Billy pops over for a kitty play date.
STATUS: Complete

She had a thing for taking in strays after all. )
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[22 Sep 2019|11:49pm]


WHO: Damon and Thomas
WHAT: Dropping in
WHERE: Raith mansion
WHEN: July 14

”Never )
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[22 Sep 2019|08:04pm]


Who: Clara and Veronica
What: Catching up
When: 17 August 2019
Where: Veronica’s
Warnings: Low
Status: Log | Complete

Any other big life events I should know about? )
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[22 Sep 2019|06:24pm]


Percy Blakeney, you have (2) new messages )

Separate but same texts to Alex and Bucky Barnes )
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[22 Sep 2019|06:15pm]


Texts to Tyler Lockwood )
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[22 Sep 2019|04:05pm]


Who: Anakin and James Potter
What: James is helping Anakin look for a new car, so ostensibly, they are at an auto salvage yard (Anakin’s idea)
When: Backdated to July
Where: An auto salvage yard in the OC
Rating/Warnings: Probably low
Status: Complete

stick shifts and safety belts )
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[22 Sep 2019|04:01pm]


Who: Anakin and James Potter
What: James is going to shoot Anakin with a blaster, Anakin is going to ~try~ to stop the blast with his mind
When: Backdated to last July
Where: Top of Anakin’s warehouse apartment building
Rating/Warnings: No one will suffer lasting damage
Status: Complete

Bang bang, he shot me down. Bang Bang I hit the ground )
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[22 Sep 2019|12:41pm]


Who: Iris I don’t have a deathwish West & Peter I’m too old for this shit Parker
What: Investigations turning into a shootout. Plus some power activation at inopportune times
When: First weekend of August
Where: Random bought out and unoccupied building
Warnings: Violence
Status: Log | Complete

So, is it always like this going on assignment with you? )
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[21 Sep 2019|12:49pm]


I put in my resume in a few places, going to spend the weekend working in the garden.

House is kinda lonely, this is why I was always busy when Steve was deployed.

By chance, your clinic looking for a full-time doctor or you know of any who are looking for doctors?

I like the ER, but I miss helping people one on one.
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[21 Sep 2019|09:50am]


Who: Max and Isobel
Where: Max's house
What: earlier this morning
When: more dream stuff
Rating: high
Open: no.

I am such a bitch )
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Text to Elijah [20 Sep 2019|11:27am]


>> you + me =
>> snuggling under the stars
>> by a fire drinking wine?
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[20 Sep 2019|11:04am]


My husband is in my dreams now, I woke up ready to scream at him, but I forgot he's out on the boat.

In my dream he was such a smug bastard, but kinda charming. He annoyed me greatly and was doing it on purpose! Maybe it's a good thing he's out on the boat, it stops me from making an ass out of myself for yelling at him for something he hadn't done.
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[Texts Messages] [20 Sep 2019|01:10am]


[Texts to Hanna Marin]
>> Do you have any plans for Saturday?
>> How would you like to go to a fashion show/buying event?
>> The company I work for has been invited and we can bring guests.

[Texts to Eliot Waugh]
>> Remember that event I told you about the other night?
>> We can bring guests.
>> Tell me you're available on Saturday.
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[20 Sep 2019|12:50am]


Who: Anna and Elsa
What: Abandonment Issues
When: Late July
Where: Elsa's
Status: Complete
Rating: PG

“I know you’re there, I swear if you ignore me Elsa! )
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[19 Sep 2019|10:13pm]


You know what... I'm getting a little bit sick of Mojo Jojo.

Monkeys are cute and fun and a little bit mischievous, but gosh am I tired of getting called out to Mojo's nonsense! It's not like he's the worst nuisance to Townsville, not at all. HIM is totally the worst -lobster ballerina much? But Mojo is by far the most constant and stupid!

I blasted ice breath in my dreams, which isn't something my sisters can do and is really weird, but kind of cool (no puns please) but it's got me wondering what Bubbles and Buttercup might be able to do.

I totally didn't focus during my European History class because of this.
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[19 Sep 2019|06:37am]


Who: Max and Liz
What: Another meeting
When: Saturday, August 3rd
Where: Farmer’s market
Status: Complete when posted

He might even be persuaded to make her something )
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[19 Sep 2019|12:25am]


I figured it was about time to clear out the last of Sam's stuff from the attic since I'm going to be doing some remodeling on the house here pretty soon. Finishing up the process of making it mine. Putting in new windows on the backside of the house to keep some of the sun out while not obstructing the ocean view that I'm never getting tired of. I got off topic I know - anyway while I was going through the boxes I found some old Christmas decorations that he'd held onto for who knows what reason since he never decorated this place and one of them was something called the Christmas Pickle which from what I found online is a tradition that gives the person who finds it a very special Christmas present. I still haven't decided if that's creepy or sweet. What I do know is that damn ornament is going to be out of my house before I go to bed tonight.
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[18 Sep 2019|07:33pm]


Who: Caleb Squared (Rivers and Danvers)
What: Video Games
Where: Caleb Rivers' place
When: Early September (before the plot)
Rating: Low!
Status: Complete

Didn’t I tell you I almost had a career as a stand up comedian? )
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[18 Sep 2019|03:32pm]


So is it abnormal to not get dreams? I feel like I'm missing out and yet I'm pretty sure I want to be missing out.
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[18 Sep 2019|11:07am]


Anyone elses dreams seem blurry at times?

The name of the race that's chasing me in my dreams is Mogadorians and they finally caught up to me and Katarina. We were caught and brought to a base in a mountain side, very military looking. Things kinda of a blurred from there. I know I was tortured, questioned, and even as a teen my smartass knew better than to give into them. So I feed them false information, but it came at a price, because when they found out it was false they killed Katarina.

I woke up from there, I called Katarina at five am, thankfully she was up drinking coffee and was alright.

Just felt so real.
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[18 Sep 2019|02:35pm]


Text to Caleb Danvers )
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[18 Sep 2019|02:08am]


I was very proud of the fact that until now I had not actually heard that bloody Baby Shark song, but today that all changed. I had a meeting with a client for their kid's first birthday and the meeting was at their house, which is fine, but they must have played that bloody song for the kid at least a dozen times. And now it's been popping up in my head ever since. No matter what else I listen to, it just pops up when I least expect it. I think I need a few drinks.
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[17 Sep 2019|09:29pm]


I really should check this more often. I guess I wasn't the only one the past week was weird for.
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[17 Sep 2019|09:23pm]


Who: Stiles and Cisco
Where: Home
When: Sep 9th
What: Stiles is a zombie thanks to OC shenanigans.
Status: Complete
Rating: Med

Soooo, I think I'm a zombie. )
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[17 Sep 2019|11:15pm]


After that whole thing with the powers was over, I decided that I needed a bit of a change. So, here's the new me. All natural; no extensions or processed hair or anything.

All Mine )

I might go back to the braids at some point, but right now I love how my hair looks.
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[17 Sep 2019|12:33pm]


Why is it so hard for people not to be creeps. You don't need to stare at someone as you drive by and then have to turn your attention back to the road, only to pull into a parking lot they're going by and just STAY there and seem to wait around and watch for what direction they're going and then pull out when it seems you've figured it out and show up where they're heading.

It's just..ugh.

Today is already fucked up, seriously the last thing I needed to deal with
Unless its
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[17 Sep 2019|08:27pm]


Who: Pietro Maximoff & Leon Orcot
What: Drunk!Leon is drunk and Pietro is the unfortunate Uber driver responsible for getting him home
When: July, sometime
Where: Various places
Rating/Warnings: PG | Drunken behaviour
Status: Log | Complete

Apparently Leon wasn’t that great at subtle if all the yelling was any indication )
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TXTS [17 Sep 2019|11:18am]



>> I have a very important picture to show you.


>> How are you holding up?


>> Lunch?
>> I'd really like lunch


>> Would you be interested in doing some sort of collaboration?
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Max and Micheal [17 Sep 2019|10:26am]


>> Had more dreams - still in high-school
>> I think I was in love with Rosa.
>> or obsessed, you know how teenagers emotions.
>> hard to tell.
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[17 Sep 2019|09:56am]


Who: Ciri & Logan
What: Drowning OC weirdness in booze
When: Some time after this [backdated]
Where: The Nightcrawler
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 (drinking, swearing)
Status: Complete

One slightly traumatised visitor looking tae drown their sorrows, as promised? )
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[17 Sep 2019|09:16am]


Who: Tyler Simms & Deran Cody
What: A broken down truck and a man to the rescue
When: Early August [backdated]
Where: Just outside OC
Rating/Warnings: Low
Status: Complete

Cars, the most reliably unreliable form of transportation you'll ever find. )
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[17 Sep 2019|01:18am]


So I had another fun dream about the Shadowhunter Academy last night. A couple of us were tasked with finding a rogue vampire so of course a couple of the others started asking me about being a vampire, but I didn't remember any of that since my memories still hadn't come back about that time. They didn't believe me at first. Honestly, some of those Shadowhunters are dicks. Anyway, the vampire was in Brooklyn, so we were dispatched and when we found her, she begged me to let her go cause she recognized me of course. I hesitated and almost got both me and Jon killed, but Isabelle showed up but someone showed up and killed the vampire and since Jon had gotten knocked out, he thought I'd done it when he came to. Once we were back at the Academy I basically got in an argument about Downworlders and the way Shadowhunters treat them, with some of the kids.

In the end, Catarina told me a story, where the moral was basically about me choosing my own path and I started to remember more about Clary cause she came to see me and talked to me about some stuff and so yeah, it's fun going to school with a bunch of elitist assholes. I just hope that if I make it through all this training and become a Shadowhunter, maybe I can help change things.

In more fun news, some Gen 5 Pokemon were released in PokemonGo today and I've already caught four of them plus I caught a shiny version of an older Pokemon that I've been searching for forever! Yes, I know, all of that is incredibly nerdy, but it's what I like to do.
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I’d hate for you to break your hip [17 Sep 2019|01:15am]


Who: Jaina and Neena
What: Donuts and coffee oh my
When: Shortly after Neena got out of the pokey
Where: Neena's
Status: Complete
Rating: PG-13 for light flirting

I can’t be THAT much older than you. And hey, medically I’m like 28 now. )
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[16 Sep 2019|11:20pm]


Glad as I am to have my strength back - I really could have lived without the heightened sense of smell coming back. How in a week did I forget how disgusting that tea blend my neighbor makes every damn day smells?

Gonna need you to help me stay on top of things tonight - I'm still adjusting to having everything back. Distractions are definitely a problem for me.

If your boyfriend comes in tonight I'm putting him on phone babysitting. I'm delegating every distraction I can until I get used to my senses again.
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[16 Sep 2019|09:15pm]


Text to Alain )
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[16 Sep 2019|09:34pm]


Text to Simon Lewis )
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Sam [16 Sep 2019|06:17pm]


I'm feeling like myself again. You can put me back to work.
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[16 Sep 2019|03:24pm]


Okay yeah, not going to lie. Even with a warning about dealing with doppelgängers, there is a definite difference between knowing it's a thing and actually seeing it.

Not to mention
I need to call Barry
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[16 Sep 2019|03:37pm]


Talk about exciting, scientists have discovered a new neutron star in our backyard. It's roughly 4,600 light years from Earth and it strains the limits of physics itself. The star itself is about 15 miles wide, but it's mass is more than twice that of our sun. It is about at the point of how much mass an object its size can contain before it collapses into a black hole.

Do you have any idea how fascinating this is? To find a star that strains physics in such a way, and that in the relatively near future, it will collapse into a black hole? Needless to say, there's a lot of chatter in the astrophysics community today.
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[16 Sep 2019|12:10pm]


Lets talk about the undergarments of the 1800's.

Slimming as ever, but hurt like a hell.

No wonder woman broke ribs, fainted, or their body changed to adjust.
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Text to Peter Quill [16 Sep 2019|12:07pm]


>> Want to be doing me after work?
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[15 Sep 2019|08:21pm]


To everyone who came to either concert this weekend, thank you.

And as the concert is now done, along with the hints, I can officially say what show auditions are for next weekend. But first, the hints as filmed by my brother.

cut to spare the friends list, visible to all )

Yes, that is Jeremy Jordan who showed up. Yes we are going to be doing Bonnie & Clyde this winter. (And yes, Armand is clearly quite excited about this fact).

So again, auditions are next weekend (the 21st and 22nd) with call backs the following weekend (the 28th and 29th) at [theatre]. Then the show itself will run from mid November through the end of December.
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[15 Sep 2019|06:18pm]


It's just your usual Sunday. Get coffee and breakfast for your girlfriend, settle into the living room to put together some IKEA. She's not shapeshifting into random animals, it's a great time to put together her new wardrobe.

Then you get completely flustered in 20 minutes and nearly set everything on fire. Like you do. Yup, typical Sunday for The Avatar.
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[15 Sep 2019|02:51pm]


I walked into Olivia room this morning to find her stuff bear in the corner.

He was in time out for robbing a bank this morning.

I'm not crying from laughter.
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[15 Sep 2019|01:37pm]


Shapeshifting was fun but I'm kinda glad that's over. It didn't feel.... right.
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[15 Sep 2019|10:27am]


Magic. Vampires. Boogymen. Has everyone gone mad? Is there some manner of hallucinogenic in the water that I do not know about? Lord knows I certainly do not drink the stuff, but by the sounds of it I probably should give it a try.

One good thing has come from this madness: I have a few fantastic ideas for theme nights at Lux.
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[15 Sep 2019|11:26am]


My dreams have had... unforeseen effects on my appearance. I have had no choice but to quit my job and remain inside for the moment.

I am curious, for those in the technology fields, about the existence of appearance masking devices and what it would take to get one.
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[13 Sep 2019|10:34pm]


How can one small cat eat so much? And how does it smell ten thousand times worse coming out than any of it smelled going in? I don’t think anything that came out of the twins ever smelled near as bad as what’s in Apollo’s box does. And they adored that revolting pea baby food. And the equally appalling Chicken with rice one.

I don’t care if he is scared of the damned thing at first - I’m buying him one of those self cleaning litter boxes. He’ll get used to it.
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Texts to Mary-Jane [13 Sep 2019|01:11pm]


[Backdated to the beginning of the month]

>> Hey.
>> I just realized I never ended up giving you my number.
>> So here it is.

[A minute later]
>> This is Peter, by the way.
>> Your husb
>> Your ex-husban
>> Parker.
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